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Article 1- The purpose of this Regulation is to regulate the implementation procedures and principles for distance contracts.

Article 2- This Regulation is applied to contracts that are made in written, visual and electronic media or using other communication tools and without confronting the consumers, and the delivery or performance of the goods or services to the consumer immediately or later.


Article 3- This Regulation has been prepared on the basis of the 31st of the Law on Consumer Protection dated 23/2/1995 and numbered 4077 and the articles 9 / A added to this Law by the Law No. 4822. Definitions

Article 4- In the implementation of this Regulation; a) Ministry: Ministry of Industry and Trade, b) Minister: Minister of Industry and Trade, c) Goods: Purchase c) Goods: Movable goods subject to purchase and sale, residential and holiday immovable properties and software prepared for use in electronic environment, sound , images and similar intangible goods, d) Service: Any activity other than providing goods for a fee or benefit, e) Seller: Real or legal persons who offer goods to the consumer within the scope of their commercial or professional activities, including public legal entities, f ) Provider: Real or legal persons who provide services to consumers within the scope of their commercial or professional activities, including public legal entities, g) Consumer: A natural or legal person who acquires, uses or makes use of a good or service for commercial or non-professional purposes, h) Credit Giver: Banks, private financial institutions and financing companies authorized to give cash loans to consumers in accordance with their legislation, ı) Distance Contract: Written, visual, telephone and screening It refers to the contracts made in the electronic environment or by using other communication tools and without confronting the consumers and the delivery or execution of the goods or services to the consumer immediately or later. Preliminary Information Article 5- The following information must be given to the consumer prior to the conclusion of the distance contract. a) The name, title, address, telephone and other access information of the seller or provider, b) The basic features of the goods or services subject to the contract, c) The sales price of the goods or services subject to the contract, including all taxes, d) The price of the seller or supplier e) Information on how to make the payments of the consumer, f) Information on how the delivery and performance will be made and the amount of the costs related to this, if any, and by whom, g) Information on the right of withdrawal and how to use this right, h) Consumer If there is a cost, the fee of the communication means used, ı) The program regarding the delivery and execution dates of the goods or services subject to the contract, j) The full address, telephone and other access information of the seller or provider to which the consumer can submit their requests and complaints. Written Proof of the Accuracy of Preliminary Information

Article 6- The contract cannot be concluded unless the consumer confirms in writing that he has obtained the preliminary information correctly and completely. In electronic contracts, this confirmation process is done electronically. The consumer must obtain written approval including preliminary information before the goods subject to the contract reach him for the goods and before the execution of the contract at the latest for the services. Conditions to be in the Contract

Article 7- The distance contract must be made in writing and a copy of this contract must be given to the consumer. In the contract; a) Name, title, full address, telephone and other access information of the consumer, seller or provider, b) The date of the contract, c) The date and method of delivery or performance of the goods or service, d) The amount of the costs related to delivery and performance and by whom e) The type or type, quantity, and brand and model of the goods or service subject to the contract, f) The cash sale price of the good or service in Turkish Lira, including taxes, g) The total sales price in Turkish Lira to be paid with interest on maturity , h) The interest amount, the annual rate at which the interest is calculated and the default interest rate not exceeding thirty percent of the interest rate specified in the contract, ı) The amount of the down payment, j) The payment plan, k) The legal consequences of the default of the debtor.

Right of Withdrawal Article 8- Consumer; In distance contracts for the sale of goods, it has the right to withdraw from the contract by refusing the goods within seven days from the date of receipt without any legal and criminal liability and without any justification. In distance contracts for service provision, this period starts on the date the contract is signed. In the contract, if it is agreed that the performance of the service will be made before the 7-day period has expired, the consumer may exercise his right of withdrawal until the date when the performance begins. Expenses arising from the use of the right of withdrawal belong to the seller or the provider. Contracts for services rendered in electronic environment and goods delivered immediately to the consumer are not subject to the provisions regarding the right of withdrawal and its use. Even if the delivery of the goods is made to a person other than the consumer who is a party to the contract, the consumer can exercise his right of withdrawal. In this case, the seller receives the goods from the third party in accordance with the provisions of the fourth paragraph of Article 9. The consumer cannot use his / her right of withdrawal for the goods that are produced in accordance with the special requests and demands of the consumer or made personalized by making changes or additions. In addition, the consumer cannot use his right of withdrawal in the case of goods that cannot be returned due to their nature, which are likely to deteriorate rapidly or expire. If one of the conditions in the 6th and 7th articles of this Regulation is missing, the seller or the supplier will correct the deficiency within thirty days at the latest. In this case, the 7-day period starts from the date on which the information that the deficiency has been corrected is delivered to the consumer in writing. If the amount paid by the consumer is partially or completely covered by the seller or the provider or based on the agreement between the seller or the provider and the creditor, the loan agreement will automatically terminate without any compensation or penal clause obligation, if the right of withdrawal is exercised. However, for this, the withdrawal notice must also be sent in writing to the lender.

Liability of the Seller and the Provider Article 9- The seller or the provider is obliged to fulfill the action within thirty days at the latest from the moment the consumer receives the order. This period may be extended for a maximum of ten days, provided that the consumer is notified in advance. The seller or the provider is obliged to return the price, valuable documents and any documents that put the consumer under debt within ten days from the date of receipt of the withdrawal notification, and also to take back the goods within twenty days. The seller or the provider delivers a copy of the contract and a copy of the written confirmation of the confirmation of the preliminary information before the delivery or performance of the goods or service subject to the distance contract to the consumer by ensuring that it is signed with the consumer's own handwriting. The burden of proof in dispute belongs to vendors and providers. Provided that it is justified, the seller or the supplier may supply goods or services of equal quality and price to the consumer before the contractual performance obligation expires and provided that it is specified in the contract. If the seller or the supplier cannot fulfill the contractual obligations by claiming that it is impossible to fulfill the goods or services subject to the order, it will notify the consumer before the expiry of the contractual performance obligation. It returns the price paid and all documents that are under debt to the consumer within 10 days.

Reimbursement Article 10- In distant contracts, if the payment is made by credit card or a similar payment card, the consumer may request the cancellation of the payment transaction on the grounds that the card is used without his consent and illegally. In this case, the issuing institution returns the payment amount to the consumer within 10 days from the notification of the objection.

Out of Scope Contracts Article 11- The provisions of this Regulation; a) Bank related to insurance, b) Contract through automatic vending machines, c) Signed through public coin-operated phones, d) Auctions, e) Goods regularly supplied to the consumer's home or workplace for food, beverage and daily consumption. f) It does not apply to contracts that contain provisions regarding the provision of accommodation, transportation, food supply, sporting and cultural activities and entertainment services undertaken by the provider on a special day or time.

Enforcement Article 12- This Regulation enters into force on 14/6/2003. Execution Article 13- The provisions of this Regulation are executed by the Minister of Industry and Trade. Shopping Procedure Steps for electronic shopping: 1. You do not need to be a member of our site for shopping. 2. After determining the amount of products you want to buy, you can click the "Add to Cart" button to add them to your shopping cart. The purpose of the shopping cart is to provide convenience by eliminating the customer having to buy as soon as they choose. 3. You can see price and other information about the product in your Shopping Cart. You can also change the quantities of the products and remove them from your cart. VAT is included in product prices and price information. 4. You can only receive the products in your basket. Cash payment by credit card. After entering the required data, click the "Buy" button. 5. If you will make the payment by credit card; As soon as you confirm the order, the information reaches the network processing mechanism (SSL) where the banks that make the payment or receive the payment through a special pass over the net, approve or reject this transaction. If your credit card information is valid, your order will be accepted. The prices of the products you purchase reach us via bank. If the order is completed positively, an e-mail is sent to the customer with information about the order. The purchased product is delivered by one of the reliable shipping companies selected by the customer, in return for the identification of the recipient of the order. 6. At the end of these processes, the system will automatically give you an order number and direct it to the order tracking module. This number must be recorded for later payment and order tracking. 7. With the help of order tracking module, you can check the status of your orders at any time. Order Tracking Your order is important to us! Orders placed online on our site are checked periodically every day, at certain hours during the day, within the time tolerance specified in the order form. Orders placed after 17:00 are evaluated the next day. Order transfer is carried out using alternative methods used in parallel. The order information you have communicated to us via our order form is recorded in our database, excluding your credit card information, and additionally transmitted to our workplace and service provider via e-mail. Our database and e-mail boxes are checked periodically by both us and our service provider against any possible problem that may occur in the database or e-mail systems. If our order system cannot deliver your order to us due to any problem, the visitor is informed of the situation during the order. Payment Follow-up Payment made by credit card is made online through Garanti Bank's E-Commerce system. If the system in question cannot perform the transaction due to any problem, our visitor is informed about this at the end of the payment page. Our USD prices are transferred to the bank POS system in TL and the exchange rate used for this transaction is periodically updated and the exchange rate is updated to stay below the CBRT bank rate in order to make the difference arising from exchange rate fluctuations in favor of the credit card holder. Delivery Tracking The time we allow for delivery on our order form is 100% tolerant to the time we can deliver. In case of any error at the specified address, a connection is made with the orderer regarding the order that cannot be delivered. The validity of the e-mail address specified by our visitor is confirmed by an automatic e-mail sent after the order has been transferred. We have a responsibility to the bank where we use the credit card system as much as the customer for the delivery. Delivery Method User can choose 2 different ways as delivery method. The user, who chooses one of the two methods of delivery by company and cargo delivery, is exempted from the shipping fee according to the shopping price. Product Warranty The products in our store are under the warranty of the manufacturer or importer companies and each brand's own warranty terms are valid.

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