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What we represent

We are the most modern coffee brand.


For this vision, we weigh all our knowledge every day, roll up our sleeves and get to work. Because our goal is to provide our customers with the most modern coffee experience every day - whether at home, in the office, in their favorite cafe around the corner, or in the most luxurious restaurants or hotels.


Sustaining it is more important than the vision itself. That's why we have defined ourselves values ​​that define us and follow us. At Stammgast we represent these values.




We believe in the quality and uniqueness of our coffee. That's why we go our own way and work with passion and confidence for our success. Because we love what we do.




Finding new ways, daring experimentation, taking risks - it's part of our DNA. Obstacles do not slow us down, they encourage us. Pioneers do not follow well-known paths.




Each of us is unique, each of us has his own ideas and perspective on events. And that's a good thing because this unique diversity strengthens our team and gives us new ideas.




Taking different perspectives, trying new things - how else can creativity arise? We are after the perfect coffee, we are looking for new trends, we are on the move all over the world.




A little crazy doesn't hurt. Unusual solutions can only be found by questioning and thinking outside the box.


Stammgast offers you a range of specialty blends and specialty single origin coffees to choose from. All of our coffees come to us, our roasting facility, directly from the farmers of the regions where it is grown for roasting.


This allows us to maintain our standard and high quality of our products.



At Stammgast, we believe everything will really get better when you do it carefully and with great attention to detail.


We roast our coffee - but with one key difference from our competitors: by spending more time. With our traditional long roasting recipe, each of our beans gains the time it needs to achieve perfect flavor.


The secret of our taste is hidden in our recipe.

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