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How we roast

Since 1932, at Stammgast, we have been roasting only the best quality beans grown in certain parts of the world. As a boutique roaster, we work with traditional drum roasting method. With this method and our traditional roasting recipe, we reveal the real flavor profiles of green coffee.


Our beans, which we have selected carefully, are roasted at low temperatures for a long time. A roasting tour can take up to 25 minutes. In the modern, two-minute era of industrial roasting, this is an almost endless time.



Stammgast offers you a range of specialty blends and specialty single origin coffees to choose from. All of our coffees come to us, our roasting facility, directly from the farmers of the regions where it is grown for roasting.


This allows us to maintain our standard and high quality of our products.


At Stammgast, we believe everything will really get better when you do it carefully and with great attention to detail. We roast our coffee - but with one key difference from our competitors: by spending more time.


With our traditional long roasting recipe, each of our beans gains the time it needs to achieve perfect flavor. The secret of our taste is hidden in our recipe.

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